Pentagon: U.S. Now Has 2,000 Troops In Syria

Dec. 7 (UPI) -- The U.S. military has about 2,000 troops in Syria, which is four times the number Pentagon officials previously acknowledged, officials said Wednesday.

The new number doesn't necessarily mean more troops have been deployed. Rather, Defense Secretary Jim Mattis recently revised how the Pentagon accounts for deployed soldiers in special operations zone, Voice of America reported. And the new figures likely mean a more accurate count of troops who have already been in Syria for some time.

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Pentagon: U.S. now has 2,000 troops in Syria
Pentagon: About 2,000 US troops in Syria
U.S. Says 2,000 Troops Are in Syria, a Fourfold Increase
There are four times as many U.S. troops in Syria as previously acknowledged by the Pentagon
Pentagon: About 2,000 US troops in Syria